Sunday, January 21st, 2018

Tommy Mason-Griffin vs. Jamaal Fenton


Rejone Edwards for

Rejone Edwards for

The 7 pm game at Butler Fieldhouse Wednesday night saw two of the Greater Houston Area’s best point guards match up against each other. Madison’s Tommy Mason-Griffin went head-to-head with Jamaal Fenton of Chavez. Madison won the game 73 to 52, while Fenton won the head-to-head match up.

Mason-Griffin was non-existent the entire game until he came alive in the decisive 4th quarter. Scoring his first field goals of the night on two, three pointers, TMG was the catalyst to Madison’s opening 4th quarter 11-0 run. The crowd finally came alive and Chavez was unable to keep pace.

TMG’s performance tonight wasn’t nearly as impressive as his game against Bellaire on January 28th. Even though Madison also won this game, there were some persistent areas of concern in Tommy’s game. The most concerning is the lack of defense. TMG played very tough on-ball defense various times through out the game, especially when checking Fenton, but it wasn’t consistent. I got the sense that something is weighing heavily on Mason-Griffin’s mind or he has a physical injury. TMG has been very distracted the last two games I have seen and it almost seems as if he is disinterested.

There are times in the game when Mason-Griffin looks like he is just going through the motions and seems to only exert himself on one side of the ball – offense. Is there something physically wrong or are these characteristics indicative of TMG’s play? There is certainly no doubt that Mason-Griffin is an extremely talented player. However, to become a complete, well-rounded player, Mason-Griffin needs to put as much emphasis on his defensive skills as his offense skills. Bust The Clock will keep an eye on TMG’s progress the remainder of the season and into the summer, as Mason-Griffin wraps up his high school career and begins preparing for his Norman arrival.

The other outstanding point guard on the court tonight, was 2009 New Mexico commit, Jamaal Fenton. I came away very impressed with Fenton after watching him for the first time. He dominated the first quarter and wound up with 14 first half points. Fenton has a great motor and plays extremely hard on both ends of the floor.

Like TMG, Fenton runs his team well, is very unselfish, and extremely quick. When the situation dictates, Fenton can also take over the game. Unfortunately tonight, Fenton’s bright spots came in the first half, as he and the rest of the Lobos went cold in the second half. After scoring 14 first half points, Fenton scored only 5 the entire second half, finishing with 19 points for the game.

Madison and Chavez meet for the second and final time in district play later this month on the 24th. This final meeting could have big playoff implications. If you have the opportunity, come check out this game and watch two tremendous point guards battle it out on the hardwood.  Who knows, you might even catch a glimpse of another Houston legend…

Rejone Edwards for

Rejone Edwards for

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