Saturday, March 24th, 2018

McClellan and TMG Lead Their Teams to Victory


The quadruble header of high school basketball at Butler Fieldhouse started Valentine’s Day morning at 10:00 am with the Bellaire Cardinals playing host to the Milby Buffaloes.

Sheldon McClellan (2011) lead Bellaire to victory over Milby High School with 22 pts.  McClellan, who has already been offered by Texas, is a very smooth, long guard/wing prospect.  He posses a nice jump shot and is quite comfortable handling the ball.  McClellan can finish strong at the rim and doesn’t hesitate when given the chance.  He makes good decisions and plays very well with his teammates.  Defensively, McClellan has very quick hands and plays the passing lanes extremely well, routinely stealing the ball and creating easy points for the Cardinals.  For his size (6′4″/6′5″), he could be more active on the defensive boards.  As with any young player, there is always room for improvement.  All-in-all, McClellan is a very solid prospect.  Because he is only a sophomore, there will be plenty of  scouting opportunities and Bust The Clock looks forward to tracking this exciting high school player’s development.

Note: Another standout player for Bellaire, Tobi Oyedeji (2010) was sadled with foul trouble and limited to only 4 pts.

The second game of the day featured the Madison Marlins versus the Sam Houston Tigers.  Tommy Mason-Griffin, fresh off being selected to participate in the 2009 Jordan Brand Classic, had one of his better games of the year.  TMG finished with 25 pts* and had 6 highlight reel assists.

He came out on fire in the first quarter, dialing up long distance with three 3-pointers.  After a a quiet second quarter, Mason-Griffin came out of halftime with the same intensity and scoring frenzy as the first quarter.  He owned the first four minutes of the third quarter, connecting on 4 straight field goals.

The third quarter also saw the start of Mason-Griffin’s highlight reel assists.  TMG dished out 2 phenomenal passes in a 15 second span late in the quarter getting the Butler crowd out of their seats.  The crisp, laser precise passes would carry over to the fourth quarter, where Mason-Griffin kept the Butler crowd on their feet most of the eight minutes.

Mason-Griffin got the fourth quarter started with a complete shakedown of his defender, leading to an And-1 step-back three pointer.  After completing the four point play, TMG dazzled the crowd the remainder of the quarter with 4 more phenomenal passes.  Madison’s Chad Jackson received the first of TMG’s assists during this stretch while Clarence Shelvin connected on the remaining three.

On Saturday, Tommy Mason-Griffin played one of his best all-around games I have seen this season.  He couldn’t be stopped on the offensive end; not even the (yet again) constant face guarding held him in check.  As I have seen in previous games, TMG waits to turn things on in the fourth quarter.  Saturday’s game saw a consistent offensive output from start to finish whether it was scoring or running his team.  I am not sure why Mason-Griffin likes to wait until the fourth quarter to really get going.  Maybe he is trying to conserve energy, get his teammates involved, or get himself into the game flow.  Whatever the reason, it usually produces dividends for the Marlins.

Defensively, TMG played much better than I have seen in the past.  He did a good job staying between his man and the basket and kept his hands active.  As in the past, there were times this game where Mason-Griffin didn’t get back on defense or loafed up the court.  However, it’s hard to really criticize his lack of defensive intensity throughout the entire game given the amount of minutes he plays.  TMG plays the bulk of every game, if not the entire game like he did against Sam Houston.

With Madison’s win, they should have wrapped up a playoff berth.  That’s a good thing for anyone who hasn’t had a chance to see TMG play.  Mason-Griffin’s high school career is winding down and I highly suggest catching a game before it’s too late.  The intimacy of high school basketball is unmatched and something everyone must experience at least once.

Expect more good things from TMG.  Some might come sooner rather than later…

*Note – The Chronicle’s boxscore has Madison with 73 pts for the game and Mason-Griffin scoring 24 pts.  I scored the game and had Madison finishing with 76 pts and Mason-Griffin with 25 pts.


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